Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Murphy de Christina de diseñador de interiores

When I first heard about Christina Murphy I wasn’t sure if I would be brave enough to hire her if I had to. I will tell you why, I thought she used too much color for my own taste, but after getting to know more of her work I figured out how wise this interior designer actually is and how well she uses colors in just the right amount and in the right places. I became a big fan of her diverse work.

What I admire the most now, is the way she works with different elements and textures, she plays with the right materials, chooses really unexpected furnishings and rugs. To be honest, seeing her work is fun, now imagine living with it!

Her work has been featured in diverse magazines like House Beautiful, In Style Home, Lucky Magazine, New York Times and also on ABC’s The View and now, on HomeBunch! Ha! :-)

Christina Murphy designs are not only nice to look at it but also worthy of study. The more I see them, the more I learn.

I hope you enjoy her work as much as I did!

Fancy Dining Room

This wallpaper is the show-stopper of this room and it’s brilliant here.

Living Room

I see this space and all that comes to my mind is: “texture”! The right ones!


Notice the wallpaper (or fabric perhaps) behind the shelves. I’m loving this idea.


This is a happy room! The yellow is working perfectly in this room.


I wish I could find lipstick in the same color as that wall! This is a very sexy yet comfortable room and if you’re a girl, you know that sexy is not always comfortable, right?! :-)


I’ve noticed that Christina Murphy loves to use rugs with strong patterns. Do you like this one?


Interesting that she kept the walls very neutral and added so much personality to this room with the furniture and accessories alone.


Very shiny! She used lots of glossy paint here.

Media Room

Isn’t this a perfect room to watch your favorite movie while eating some popcorn, or M&Ms? :-) Oh, what a fun room!


A great rug to have if you have small children (or a messy husband)! I am really liking the fabric on the chair.

Sea of Flowers

Really pretty!

Glossy Blue

Glossy paint is very trendy right now.

Blue Sky

This is a very stylish room. I really like the blue pillows.


Pure serenity.

Vitamin C

I first saw this foyer at my friend’s blog, My Design Chic, and I fell in love with it. So unique.


Great couch for an open space like this one.


Romantic but not boring. I love this bed!

After seeing this comfortable bed above I’m craving being on mine! Is there anything better than sleep? Oh, wait! Maybe chocolate? Ice cream? A massage? Summer? Having your kids listening to you? Oh, that little ristorante italiano? Ah, Bravo!

Remember to live your life admiring your surroundings. I know that nothing’s perfect and that’s okay. We shouldn’t be looking for perfection all the time, but should be looking for contentment.

See you tomorrow.


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