Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Una casa de varios millones de dólares en Malibu

By now you already know that I love beach houses and even though Malibu wouldn’t be my first choice to live, I really enjoy seeing the amazing houses in that area. This Malibu house listed with Chris Cortazzo is yet another unbelievable mansion by the sea. It’s full of color and even being offered at a outrageous $35 million dollars, I can see a real family living in it. The house is very spacious, which is rare for the area, and offers 9,000 sq ft with a 4,500 sq ft outdoor patio plus 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, home theatre, a 75' pool, spa and so much more that you’ll see in the pictures.

This is what I think of this place: I would never spend this kind of money on any house and, if anything, I would prefer to build my dream house for that money, because I know that I could design every single room according to my personal taste. Having that said, I like to dream and see houses that are beyond extraordinary like this one and that’s the reason I like sharing houses like this with you.

Carbon Beach House

This house is located in one of the best locations in Malibu.


Do you like to swim? Wouldn’t it be fun to be there right now?

Feeling The Breeze

Beautiful outdoor furniture.

Rock Point

I hope you’re ready to dream…


This house has so many beautiful details.

Dining Room

I am in love with this dining room. The table and chairs are fantastic.

A Closer Look

Nothing was overlooked and the floors are exquisite.

Living Room

It’s a bit formal but still very comfortable and livable.

Blue Sea

How marvelous is it to have a living room with an ocean view?

Thinking of a Friend

As soon I saw this I thought of my friend Erin from House of Turquoise (you got to see her blog!). I wonder if she would like this kitchen and family room.


This is a space for the whole family to enjoy.


I really like the details of the cabinets.


Beautiful glass backsplash.

Cooking with a View

Without a doubt the color for this kitchen was inspired by the ocean outside.

Family Room

Great place for the kids to do their homework.


Simply gorgeous!

Master Bedroom’s Sitting Area

Built- ins

I love the built-ins and that beautiful artwork.



A Bed and the Ocean


Just for Two

Inside is very elegant, but that view!


Look at the view from the master.

Master Bathroom

Very feminine.


What kid wouldn’t love this place?

To Be a Princess

Cheerful and happy.


A walk on the beach is all I need at the end of the day…


… watch the sunset and,


…see the first star of the night be born.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing this special home.

Come back tomorrow!

Be safe, be good and be happy! :-)


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