Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sarah 101

Sarah Richardson is back with a new show on HGTV called “Sarah 101” with her best pal, the interior designer Tommy Smythe. If you’ve ever watched Design Inc. or Sarah’s House you are familiar with Tommy, too. I must say that I adore both of them and, as I said before in another post, Sarah is one of my favorite interior designers. I simply can’t miss watching her shows! I love her easy approach to design and her personality. She is fun to watch and every time her show is ending I wish I could see more. I simply cannot get enough of her talent.

On Sarah Richardson’s newest show, Tommy and Sarah helps homeowners improve their place as they show you how to do it. I love her tips in this show. I know that if you live in America you probably aren’t getting this show yet since it’s being aired only in Canada, but I’m sure they’ll play it there soon. I really hope so, because I know this is a show worth watching. But if you can’t wait, you can already watch the shows online here.

Here are some pictures of Sarah Richardson’s design. Enjoy it! It’s fun, colorful and really inspiring.

Dining Room

Beautiful and bold! Love the “Cole” chairs from “Sarah Richardson’s furniture collection.

The Red Dining Room by Sarah Richarson

This dining room (and the others colorful rooms below) was designed for the “Interior Design Show 2011? that happened last week in Toronto.


Sarah always plays with fabrics like no other! Take a look at the first chair.

The China

Sarah always says that you shouldn’t match your china but be playful and creative with it.

The Blue Den

Really bright! Would this place make you feel inspired? It would wake me up on the late nights of work for this blog! No need for extra coffee. :-)

Best Friends

I’m crazy about this picture. I’d love to have it! Notice the beautiful fabric on pillows and curtains.

Blue & White

Even using different materials but keeping the same colors you achieve a surprising positive result.


Fun, anyone?

Be My Sunshine

I love this room! Yellow wouldn’t be my first choice for a bedroom but it does work perfectly with the white walls and washed wooden floors. The stools are also “Sarah Richardson’s furniture”.

Making Sense

I saw a piece like this one another day and I almost bought it. I wanted to put in my bedroom but I wasn’t very sure if it would look good there. Now, seeing this picture makes me want to go back to that store. Gorgeous vintage suitcase (have I told you I love vintage suitcases and lanterns?).

Little Corner

Interesting mix and somehow it works.

If this was too much, too bright and too colorful for you, don’t worry. Sarah Richardson is “classic” too!

Family Room

I love this space because it has some strong colors but it’s not too much, it’s stylish yet comfortable and the whole family can just sit and enjoy each other.

Lounge Room

Lounging is never bad, now imagine in this room!

A Reason

With a spot like this I would never stop reading.

Dining Room

Neutral hues makes this dining room feel very inviting and cozy.

A Bed

Gentle and feminine. Lovely!


I love how this curtain softens this bathroom.

So, did you enjoy Sarah Richardson’s designs? Let me know your thought. Leave me a comment. Hearing from you is always amazing!

Just a thought:

Laugh! Life should be made of fun moments! It’s definitely better to live a life filled with laughter.


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