Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nueva casa de Britney Spears

Britney Spears is moving into a new house in Hidden Hills, California. Many people are saying that Britney Spears bought this house that once was listed for $18,9000.000 and then reduced to $12,900.000, but some reports are also speculating that she’s leasing this ultra-luxurious mansion for $25.000/month. The fact is, Britney Spears is moving, and that will make some people happy (her old neighbors) and some upset (the new neighbors).

Britney Spears’ new house is big. Really big. With 9,107 square feet, 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, a tennis court, swimming pool with grotto, multiple hot tubs,  two staff apartments, private guest quarters, a huge and elegant ballroom, wine cellar, chef’s kitchen, games room and I will stop here because I don’t want you to get tired, the list is long!

So, who else lives in this very private community of Hidden Hills? None other than Jennifer Lopez, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Melissa Etheridge, the Kardashians and Lisa Marie Presley, who just sold her house there. What attract this many celebrities to this place is how private and secluded from the paparazzi it is, since this community is fully equipped with its own supermarket, restaurants and its own Starbucks (of course). So, now we know why Britney Spears chose this house.

Take a Look at Britney Spears’ New House

The house is surrounded by mature trees.

Not a Girl, Now… a Woman

It seems that Britney is transforming herself into a more elegant woman and this house is a perfect match!

Aerial View

Her house is definitely immense, but also very private.

Getting There

Gorgeous curb-appeal.


This house offers so much space indoors and outdoors.


Beautiful architecture.

Home Sweet Home

Outstanding entrance and gardens.


This is the foyer of Britney Spears’ new tudor-style Home. Do you like it?


This is very formal but it seems that the whole house is like that.

Living Room

Very formal space and I wonder if this will suit Britney’s taste.

Ample Vision

Strong colors.

Dining Room

I’m not very sure about this room. It feels too busy.



Eating Area

Very elegant.

Family Room

The decor is a bit too formal again. Gorgeous chandelier.


My opinion? Way too masculine and cluttered. I can’t picture Spears here. I hope she hires a good interior designer to lighten up this space for her.


I’m not a fan of the flooring but I like the wood paneling.

Ballroom Foyer

Having fun by the ballroom.


This house feels so big!


Is it your taste? Would like to have a ballroom like this one?


The ballroom has its own bar.


Perfect for huge parties, but I’d change the carpet for hardwood.

Just Push Play DJ

I think this space will be great for Britney. I can picture Britney with her dancers here.

Britney Spears’ New Bedroom

It seems this will be Britney’s master bedroom.

Neon Bedroom

This is a guest bedroom and can become one of her kids’, after gallons of paint, of course. I love the beautiful ceiling.

Little Boy

Perfect for a little boy.

Come Play

I’m sure Britney will have some fun time here with her kids and friends.

Tennis, Anyone?

Beautiful sunken tennis court.


Maybe Britney didn’t care much about the indoors, since the outdoor is the selling point of this property.


This pool is really stunning.

Hot Hot

Isn’t it beautiful?


Very private and quite romantic.


I’m loving seeing the gardens.


Perfect spot to relax and do yoga.

Like A Bird

This place seems to be very peaceful with all the landscaping surrounding the house and this beautiful pond.

Now, tell me… if you were Britney Spears, would you move into this house?


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